How to Decrease Anxiety About Sex

Whether you’re having sex with someone for the first time or trying something new with your long-time partner, it’s completely normal to feel anxious about sex.

It happens to everyone at some point! Instead of freeing your mind and body and succumbing to pleasure, you get all stuck in your head wondering:

How do I taste?

Am I doing this correctly?

Is it supposed to feel this way?

Did I turn my hair straightener off??


When you start to get in your head during sex, it can be hard to turn those thoughts off. As a result, you might end up worrying so much that you don’t enjoy the activities or the person in front of you, which can then lead to embarrassment or guilt.

Here at Runi, we’re all about feeling GOOD! And we want you to be able to participate in things designed for pleasure and fun. So, here are 7 things you can do to get out of your head about sex and get into the mood:

How to Get Out of Your Head During Sex

1.Have fun by yourself

Exploring your body on your own can help you figure out what you like, what feels good, and what you don’t like. Once you know this stuff, you can easily and confidently communicate it to your partner. Have some fun with your fingers, vibrators, different sex toys… Once you realize that you have fun with sex toys by yourself, imagine how much fun you’ll have with someone else!


2. Communicate

Have you ever been having sex and get in your head thinking, “This doesn’t feel good. I wish they were doing this instead!” and then you just can’t get back into the mood? This is totally normal, and it’s an issue that can easily be solved by talking about your sexual desires. The next time you’re alone with your partner, tell them that there’s something new you want to try in the bedroom, and communicate as you two get into position. New things might feel a little bit awkward at first, but you’ll both find the groove. It’ll be worth it – promise!


3. Meditate

Meditating is one of the best ways to learn how to control your mind. Get into the habit of meditating for just a few minutes every day. Put on some calming music, get into a comfortable spot, and practice completely clearing your mind. Once you can do it for 5-minutes, try for 10-minutes. Slowly increase the time until you reach a point where you can calm your mind at will.

We also recommend meditating for a few minutes before sex, so your mind is clear and ready to absorb pleasure! If you have difficulty with this, maybe ask your partner to give you a sexy massage while melodic music plays in the background.


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