The Runi Philosophy

Runi is a sexual wellness company that celebrates pleasure as an essential component of human sexuality, fundamental to our overall health, well-being and equality.

We empower women to take ownership of their pleasure by cultivating a community of openness and providing innovative products that are fun, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

We’re over beating around the bush. Runi is cultivating a cummunity of women looking to hone the skills they need to create an open dialog with themselves and their partners about what makes them feel good, because the best lubrication is communication.

Reminding women they are not alone, we are creating a safe space to tackle the taboos, unpack the complexities of sexual desires and discover pleasure in new and exciting ways.

Pleasure found and felt often has the power to transform a woman - uncovering self-awareness and confidence that carries over from the bedroom, to the boardroom and beyond. Runi is your ultimate hype girl, constantly reminding you that prioritizing your pleasure is a vital component of self-care, baby.

We are empowering women with the products and know-how to explore and express our deepest needs and desires, because when it comes to getting what you want, runi knows the pleasure is all mine.

Prioritizing pleasure
shouldn’t be a chore.

We get it. Life is busy. Between work, relationships and daily distractions, it feels like we spend our entire day giving our attention to someone or something else, but haven’t you heard? You can’t pour from an empty cup. You never regret making time for a good workout and you certainly don’t compromise on your nightly skin-care routine.

Why should your sexual wellness be any different? Pleasure as a form of regular maintenance is the ultimate act of self-care, and Runi believes prioritizing that pleasure shouldn’t be a chore. It’s why we’re here. We obsesses over every product, constantly striving for innovative and intuitive ways to help you craft your sexual-care routine with ease.


We have all been there. It’s the girls bathroom at a restaurant, in a bar or a club where you have that moment and you’re no longer two strangers. That bonding affirmation when you need to borrow a tampon, some lipgloss, or need advice on why you just can’t seem to cum even though you love your man...

Runi is my newest and most personal endeavour, a playbook of bringing those meaningful displays of late-night bathroom kindness to life. Pleasure from the Play Primer is a given, but I also hope as you flip through these pages, you feel the absolute pleasure we had creating Runi, as an example of self-actualization and self-empowerment.

Welcum to Runi, it is a pleasure to meet you,

xoxo, Felicia
CEO & Founder