Play in Public; Why do we fantasize about sex in public?

Why do we fantasize about having sex in public? Is it because of the adrenaline rush that comes with the possibility of getting caught? Is it because it pushes us outsides of our comfort zones? Is it because it shakes up our normal sex routine?

Having sex in public places is one of the top sexual fantasies for men and women! According to a survey conducted by social psychologist and sex expert, Dr. Justin Lehmiller, PhD., “81% of men and 84% of women have been turned on by the thought of public sex.”

So, what exactly is it about getting frisky outdoors that makes us all so aroused?


Why Do People Enjoy Public Sex?

Before we talk about the psychology behind enjoying public sex, we feel obligated to express a disclaimer:

Public sex is something that should only occur between consenting adults. Of course, the possibility of getting caught is part of the thrill, but you should not purposely subject unwilling participants to your sexual escapades. In other words, don’t have sex in public if you know people can see you!

If voyeurism (being watching during sex or watching others have sex) is something that you want to explore, it’s best to go to a sex or swingers club or invite someone new into your bedroom.


The Psychology Behind Sex in Public

According to philosophy professor Dr. Aaron Ben-Zeev, PhD., having sex in bed is familiar and comfortable. For long-term partners, this can often result in mundane sex, falling asleep quickly afterward, and sex that just feels like part of a routine. “During outdoor sex, there is no danger of falling asleep, as lovers experience feelings of adventure and risk that enhance sexual desire.” 

Dr. Ben-Zeev also says that sex outdoors often comes with “an uplifting feeling of victory and defiance.” Having sex outside is risky and rebellious – it results in an exciting rush of adrenaline!

What do you think about having sex in public? Is it something you’ve always wanted to try, or have you already checked it off the list? We’d love to hear your sexy stories!


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