Cumming Clean - What’s Really in Your Sexual Wellness Products

Here at Runi, we are all about safe sex! That means we support consent, STD protection, contraceptives, and sexual wellness products that are good for your body and even better for sex.

Unfortunately, not every company thinks the same way. There are sexual wellness products on the market that contain ingredients that are bad for your body and the environment!

That’s gonna be a NO from us, dog.

It’s 2022, and it’s time for us to be educated about what we put on and in our bodies, and the effects prolonged use can have.

Let’s dive in:

Toxic Chemicals in Sexual Wellness Products 

  • Condoms – We LOVE condoms, but we have a slight issue with them. Some manufacturers make their condoms with nonoxynol-9, glycerine, parabens, casein, and benzocaine, which can lead to vaginal/rectal inflammation, infertility, reproductive issues, and birth defects.
  • Lubricant – Again, we are all for using lube during sex. It makes things wetter and just generally increases pleasure! However, we don’t find ingredients like propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol very sexy. These ingredients can throw off your delicate vaginal pH and increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis, and vaginal, cervical, and rectal tissue damage.
  • Sex toys – Sex toys can’t get you pregnant, but they can still catch you off guard with their harmful ingredients. For example, most jelly-rubbery sex toys are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is especially dangerous to women who are breast-feeding. The chemical can cause neurotoxicity issues in infant development and learning impairment.


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